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Birthdate:Jan 22
RP journal for Sheeana, of Frank Herbert's Dune series, at [info]entanglement_rp. Character and player are both over 18.

Character timeline (all dates are A.G., After Guild):


14,700: Born on Rakis (formerly Arrakis, AKA Dune) to Fremen parents in a hardscrabble desert village

14,708: While gathering Spice outside the village, the moisture-seal fails and a worm enters, killing all inside. Sheeana, furious, approaches the worm and demands the worm eat her as well. It offers no response but to lower its head to her. Not knowing what else to to do, she climbs on it and the creature takes her to Keen (formerly Arrakeen)

14,7012: Sheeana has spent four years among the priests of Leto-II, the God-Emperor. From them she learns that she is able to command the worms due to her being a descendant of Siona Ibn Faud Al Aqsa Atreides, assasin of Leto-II, whose consciousness is now split among all the worms, ensuring his Golden Path will continue. They have accepted her as their Holy Child and she has witnessed many of the abuses of power of the priesthood. Though she is very unorthodox, the Priesthood has no choice but to obey her.

An assassination attempt on her life by agents of the Honored Matres prompts the Bene Gesserit to intervene and place Sheeana in their custody.

Reverend Mother Darwi Odrade and Tleilaxu Master Waff accompany Sheeana on wormback to the former site of Sietch Tabr where Leto II has left a message for the Bene Gesserit: This message challenges the Bene Gesserit to abandon their secret ways and openly protect Leto II's Golden Path. Leto II particularly maligns the Sisterhood's lack of "noble purpose," an attack that strikes Odrade deeply.

They are running out of time, however. Honored Matre ships now surround Rakis. Miles Teg, commander of the Bene Gesserit forces, manages to buy enough time for the three of them to escape, along with a single worm. Sheeana watches from the window as the Honored Matres use their Obliterator weapon to destroy her planet. With Mother Superior Taraza dead on Rakis, Darwi Odrade becomes the new Mother Superior, head of the Bene Gesserit.

14,713: Sheeana eagerly begins her education as a Bene Gesserit, with Darwi Odrade, on Chapterhouse. Her natural abilities with Voice are magnified and she is taught the ways of Sexual Imprinting. The Sisterhood intends her to control the Duncan Idaho ghola. He proves uncontrollable, however.

14,714: At 14, Sheeana becomes the youngest to undergo the Spice Agony and become a Reverend Mother. She is placed in charge of the project to spread sandworms and sandtrout all over Chapterhouse, turning it into a future Dune and ensuring the BG flow of Spice. During this time she develops a friendship with and unrequited attraction to Duncan Idaho.

14,717: Sheeana awakens the ghola of Miles Teg just in time for him to lead the Bene Gesserit counterattack against the Honored Matres on Junction.

Darwi Odrade is killed on Junction. Duncan's lover, Murbella, a former Honored Matre, takes over the HM leadership by force, intending to use the BG to teach her former comrades restraint and wisdom. Sheeana and a few confederates, however, disagree with this plan and prepare to steal a no-ship with a worm in its hold. Duncan Idaho agrees to accompany them and they set off for parts unknown to seed the universe with a thousand Dunes.

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darwi odrade, duncan idaho, dune, roleplay, sandworms, teraza, the bene gesserit, the golden path

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